Capital City Classic

Capital City Classic

As many heads will turn to the circuit events for the first official boys live period of 2024, we headed out to Austin, TX for the third stop of the Power Series presented by Bigfoot Hoops and West Coast Elite. This event features some solid independent programs and players from Texas and surrounding areas. Many of these young athletes compete at a high level as they look forward to receiving college scholarships. Here’s a look at some standout performers.

Josiah Rollins / Focus Scholars / Class of 2026 / 6'4 PG

Crafty guard who will hurt you from three point range. Has the ball on a string, quick moves, and explosive at the rim. Forces teams to get back in transition. Noteworthy leaping ability. 

Braxton Ward / Joe Little Athletics / Class of 2027 / 6'2 PG 

Ward is an exciting player to watch. Ward is a bouncy PG with a complete offensive game including good court vision. Also has keen instincts and anticipation on the defensive end.

Justin Jones / Beast Elite / Class of 2024 / 5'11 PG

Jones is a force on the court. Impressive vertical leap, lightning-fast quickness and speed, great agility and instincts. Hard to stop when attacking the basket, can create three point shots off the dribble, extremely high motor.

Dylan Brewer / Houston Prospects / Class of 2025 / 6'6 Forward

Fundamentally sound forward who rebounds and protects the rim with energy. Has a great touch around the rim alongside a high IQ. He is an above-average passer with eye-catching athleticism.

Brett Drew Jr. / Houston Prospects / Class of 2025 / 5'8 PG 

One of the best facilitators at the tournament. Drops dimes often and accurately with his keen court mapping ability. Smooth jumpshot, quick hands on defense, tight handle.

Colby Brown / EBC Elite / Class of 2026 / 6'4 Wing 

A wing who uses his strength to finish through contact. His athleticism allows him to block shots at the rim and play solid on-ball defense. Doesn't give up on plays. 

Elijah Price / EBC Elite / Class of 2026 / 5'7 PG

True PG with an explosive first step. Gritty, laterally quick, and has nice footwork. Makes good decisions when penetrating the defense.

Faustino Sanchez / iStrive Athletics / Class of 2026 / 5'10 PG

A PG who plays under control. Gets to his spots and shoots efficiently from the field. He competed fiercely, but would love to see him take over the game down the stretch.


Evan Levy / Joe Little Athletics / Class of 2025 / 5'10 PG

Playmaker with elite ball control. Knockdown three point shooter. Knows when and how to change paces, strong with the ball, creates quality shots for himself and others. Takes pride in guarding the ball full court.

Braylen Hunter / Lonestar Basketball / Class of 2026 / 5'10 PG

Runs the show for his team. Plays with good pace and poise. Weaves through the defense with finesse. Uses his wingspan to avoid shot blockers in the air. At his best when driving to the rim. Sneaky bounce.

James Moore / Lonestar Basketball / Class of 2026 / 6'4 Forward

Moore is a matchup nightmare on the block. Bulky framed forward with nice post moves and touch around the rim. Uses his high basketball IQ to his advantage, plays with patience, can drain catch and shoot threes. Shows awareness and selflessness by making reads out of the post.

Jullion Williams / Aim High / Class of 2025 / 5'7 PG

This undersized guard embodies heart over height. Takes pride in his energy and vocal leadership, plays suffocating on-ball defense, and is a skilled two feet finisher.

Christopher Bendaw / Aim High / Class of 2026 / 6'2 Wing

Bendaw makes a huge impact on his team's success. Plays with passion, embraces big moments, and fulfills his role well. Tenacious rebounder on both ends of the floor and hounds ball handlers. Draws fouls and finishes through contact.

Dylan Franklin / Hoop Society / Class of 2027 / 6'2 PG

Strong PG who is unfazed by body contact and tough competitors. A threat in a plethora of ways as he can consistently score on all three levels. Though he picks apart defenses with his scoring ability, he also drops dimes.

Chase Gray / Cypress Celtics / Class of 2026 / 5'11 PG

When Chase Gray has the ball in his hands, you’re in for a good offensive possession. Keeps his team under control, makes the right reads, takes the right shots, and slashes hard to the basket.

Kenyun Layton / Cypress Celtics / Class of 2026 / 5'8 PG

Quick guard who is lethal out of the triple threat. Creates opportunities for himself by both attacking off the dribble and using shifty moves to create space for jumpers.

Jakob Acosta / New Era Basketball / Class of 2025 / 5'11 PG

Acosta is an offensive threat. Can put it on the floor and use swift moves to create driving lanes, drill threes in bunches, and brings intensity while competing.

Liam Kelly / EBC Elite / Class of 2025 / 6'1 PG 

Has an exceptional playmaking ability alongside a consistent three point shot. Uses angles well to attack and score downhill. Allows offensive possessions to develop to make the right decision. Knows how to read defenses.

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