H-Town Classic

H-Town Classic

The H-Town Classic hosted by BigFootHoops offers kids a major platform to showcase their skills! This event attracts talent from several cities in Texas such as Austin, Huntsville, Dallas, and also other places like Maryland, Atlanta, Florida, and Louisiana. The participating players from all around the country are displaying their abilities at a high level to gain more exposure! This three-day weekend event is a thriller that you don't want to miss! Here are some notable performers from the weekend:

Elijah Gibson / Team Buckets / Class of 2026 6'0 PG

Scoring PG with a high IQ. Puts defenses at a disadvantage when the ball is in his hands. Gets to the rim with ease but knows the right times to kick the ball to shooters or drop it off to bigs. Will light it up from 3 point range and is most dangerous when the game becomes intense. Had a breakout game of 41 points tournament debut.

Jaquan Brandon / Ballers Basketball / Class of 2024 5'10 PG

This explosive guard leads his team with a high motor. The lightning quick PG uses crafty moves to blow past defenders for strong layups or assists to teammates. Scores with ease but very unselfish. Showed consistent 3 point shot and tenacious on-ball defense throughout the weekend.

Brett Drew Jr. / Houston Prospects / Class of 2025 5'8 PG

True PG that can lead his team to victories using his sharp court awareness. Makes teammates better by consistently putting them in positions to score, while also giving maximum effort on the defensive end.

Vance "Nue" Simmons / Just Us Elite / Class of 2026 6'0 Combo Guard

Does a bunch of everything on the court. Displays elite playmaking instincts as he always seeks to make the right play. The 3-level scorer leads his team with tenacity on both ends of the floor and can heat up quickly.

Jorden Edmonds / East Cobb Playmakers / Class of 2026 6'3 Wing

Edmonds has an electrifying game. The 3-sport athlete is a high flyer that showcased a plethora of flashy dunks and crafty finishes as he rarely misses around the rim. Pure slasher with nice court vision.

Dylan Brewer / Houston Prospects / Class of 2025 6'6 Forward

The 2025 forward has a strong frame to match his noteworthy athleticism. Comfortable in the post as his ability to see the floor enables him to make touch passes to open shooters. Willing rebounder and skilled finisher through contact.

Demarcus Johnson / Ballers Basketball / Class of 2024 6'5 Forward

A key piece to his team. The skilled forward has great size that allows him to consistently block shots and finish in the paint. Showed glimpses of being able to play on the wing by going coast to coast and stepping out to shoot the 3. 

Chris Ransome / Just Us Elite / Class of 2024 5'8 PG

The gritty guard plays every play like it is his last. He is tenacious and relentless. Shows it by aggravating ball handlers every play and diving on the floor for loose balls. Can also score when his team needs him to.

Nate McDaniel / East Cobb Playmakers / Class of 2026 5'10 PG

Very tough to stay in front of. Has the ball on a string as his quick moves open up his mid range pullup and crafty inside finishes. Has a consistent outside shot and everything he does is intentional and fluid. 

Keyaun Martin / Team Buckets / Class of 2026 6'4 Wing

Martin is a wing with great size. Bullies his way into the paint for aggressive finishes and blocks shots on the other end. Solid overall defender as he guarded positions 1 through 5 this weekend. Vocal leader who pours his heart out into the game.

Antonio "AJ" Hall / Tre Mann Elite North / Class of 2026 6'4 Wing

A lengthy wing who attacks the rim hard to finish through traffic in the half court but mainly excels in transition. Uses his length well on both ends and protects the rim effectively. Showed will to win by blocking a game winning shot at the buzzer against a top team. Also showed off deep range shot and flashy dunk package.

Rodric Starks / P.E.R. / Class of 2026 6'3 Wing

Beats defenders off the dribble with long strides and finishes in the lane with finesse. Able to stop paint attacks by taking charges and blocking shots. Doesn't allow for second chance points as he crashes the defensive glass with urgency.

Jayden Jackson / Tre Mann Elite North / Class of 2026 6'1 PG

A 2-sport athlete who brings the heat on defense and has an efficient floater game. Plays quarterback on both the field and the court as he unselfishly drops dimes to teammates in the half court and in transition.

Jontae Turpin Jr. / Team Turpin / Class of 2026 5'10 PG

Pure shooter with good ball control and playmaking ability. Showed that he embraces big moments by stepping up to the challenge against top talent at the tournament.


Nicholas McLean / KSK / Class of 2026 6'8 Forward

Athletic forward that can stretch the floor. Uses his lengthy frame well as he runs the floor, protects the rim at a high level, and cleans up missed shots by teammates.

Zion Newkirk / Tre Mann Elite North / Class of 2026 6'4 Wing

A slender-framed wing who uses his strength and high vertical leap to score in the paint through contact. Great defensive anticipation as he gets both on-ball and off-ball steals. Also showed that he is able to knock down open catch and shoot looks and midrange jumpers in the high post.

Mason Powell / Shelby County C.A.V.E. / Class of 2025 6'0 SG

Sharpshooter who also attacks closeouts by driving hard to the bucket for strong finishes. In sync with the flow of the game as he is constantly in the right spot at the right time. Crashes the offensive glass for hustle points.

Key'maury Allen / P.E.R. / Class of 2025 6'3 Wing

Playmaker with a sharp eye for finding open teammates with precise passes. Powers his way to the rim for high percentage shots with his strong build and is a capable 3 point shooter. Has a relentless mentality and fiery passion for the game.

Decedric Sowell / Tre Mann Elite North / Class of 2027 5'10 PG

Fierce PG. Playing up with Tre Mann Elite North's 16u and has been productive. Very quick laterally as he hounds ball handlers for on-ball steals, and can score tough buckets in the paint with his strong frame.


Jordan Lee / P.E.R. / Class of 2026 6'0 PG

Skilled downhill attacker who can make plays for himself and teammates. The aggressive finisher knows how to blow by defenders with shifty moves and initiate body contact. Showcases court awareness by passing to teammates running lanes in transition.

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