Kingwood Classic

Kingwood Classic

The Kingwood Classic presented by Bigfoot Hoops brought elite high school athletes to Houston, Texas for an electric three-day tournament. Southside Hoops was on site to document and highlight the heat on the hardwood in H-Town.

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Below is a list of standouts who showcased their talent against physical competition.

Maxwell Docktor / Rhythm Basketball / Class of 2026 / 6'6 Forward

Extremely bouncy forward who loves attacking the basket and drawing contact. Hyper athletic and displays plus IQ with the ball. Positions himself well on the blocks and does a great job of making himself visible around the paint. Creates easy entry passes for his teammates. Opponent shots in his vicinity rarely go in and he is an excellent off-ball defender.

Lance Johnson / Rhythm Basketball / Class of 2026 / 6'4 Forward

Johnson is a slashing two-way forward who works hard on both ends of the floor. Initiates from the high post and draws defenders in with a good strong-hand drive and ends possessions with an inside finish or a kick out to an open shot. Johnson is a team-oriented defender who moves with enthusiastic intensity and purpose.

Corbin Crocker / Rhythm Basketball / Class of 2026 / 6'9 Post

Crocker is a true big who has an advanced feel for his post game. Uses his size well on the low block to move defenders and create easy buckets. Has takeover ability from the paint and builds his own gravitational force, pulling multiple defenders in while still finishing or drawing fouls. Has controlled footwork and can initiate his post move with any leverage. Cleans up boards and gets put backs. Fills up space on defense and gets side to side with fluidity.

Landen Madrana / XHB / Class of 2025 / 6'5 Point-Forward

Point-forward who combines size, handles and vision to create for himself and others. Has a series of setups he uses to create open looks and blow-by opportunities. Attracts multiple defenders then locates the soft spots in the defense. Operates with full confidence on every possession. All-around athlete with rebounding and shot blocking ability.

Jaiden Cockerham / La Broncos / Class of 2025 / 6'0

Shifty guard who does everything with intensity on both ends. 3 point shot maker off the catch and the bounce. Can also create for his teammates with his nice playmaking ability.

Trent Callies / Island Impact / Class of 2025 / 5’11 Combo Guard

Combo guard with a sharp-shooting form. Can knock down threes off a spot up, over good shot contest and off a dead sprint. Sees the floor well as a secondary ball-handler and is quick enough to gash defenses off the dribble.

Cody Miller / Island Impact / Class of 2025 / 6'5 Post

physical offensive post presence. Bangs for every basket and can get them from the low block or as the roller off a pick. Strong upper body allows him to control rebounds. Runs the floor well and is a positive teammate. 

James Kegler / Beastmode / Class of 2025 / 6'0 Combo Guard

Stocky guard with primary ball handler skills. Does a good job controlling tempo. Can get downhill as a bull ball-handler while also showing patience operating the offense. Never lets his defenders rush him. Can knock down a jumper, but prefers the assist.

 Jacob Smithey / Griffin Academy / Class of 2025 / 6'6 Forward

 Solid Forward who is a force to be reckoned with down low. His athleticism showed as he had 2 posterize dunks in consecutive games. Can also shoot the three well and attack close outs.

Steven Anderson / Griffin Academy / Class of 2026 / 6'0 PG

All-around PG who loves to get his team involved. Does not get sped up. Uses strong body and off arm to shield off defenders into easy baskets. Showcases great fundamentals with his footwork.

Kaden Leache / Griffin Academy / Class of 2026 / 6'1 PG

Physical guard who loves to initiate contact especially on finishes. His strength allows him to stay on balance as ball handlers attack him off the dribble. Finishes at the rim with either body contact or slipping past defenders for open looks. Impressive ball control and poise through adversity.

Kamoni Ford / Griffin Academy / Class of 2025 / 6'7 Wing 

Ford is a high IQ wing who is able to run the offense. His unselfishness leads to many open looks for the team as he uses his keen-eyed court vision to hit cutters. Able to take bumps despite his slender frame. Three point sniper.

Davis Currie / Griffin Academy / Class of 2026 / 6'4 Wing

Heats it up from deep and is tenacious on defense. His size and mobility empowers him to guard both the perimeter and the post. Nice floater game.

Jamarie Dubose / Griffin Academy / Class of 2026 / 6'4 Forward

Dubose is a high motor forward who possesses a desire for the basketball off the rim and in the post. Has a developed hook shot with good footwork and soft hands. Outworks everyone sharing the paint with him.Wins rebounding battles against bigger matchups with consistency by utilizing explosiveness and an ability to read the ball in the air. True shot swatter that will punish weak drives.

Kohen Warden / Griffin Academy / Class of 2026 / 6'3 Combo Guard

Warden is a combo guard who prefers to operate above the floor. Fearless in his pursuit of the basket and loves taking contact while searching for a poster. A smart and unselfish passer who also has a smooth outside jumper. Warden has big potential as an efficient two-level scorer.

Cam Dillahunt / Griffin Academy / Class of 2026 / 5'9 PG

A guard who does more than what shows on the box score. Can drain three point shots, shifts defenders with effective dribble moves to draw help and make dump-offs to bigs.


Peyton Lubash / UH Elite / Class of / 2027 / 5'9 PG

A true PG with outstanding court vision and basketball IQ. Makes good p&r reads as he can drop it off to bigs or score it himself. Gets to the paint with shifty moves and avoids shot blockers by adjusting in mid-air. Limitless range from three.

Tre Wilkins / UH Elite / Class of 2027 / 6'0 PG

Physical PG who is an extension of his passionate coach. Does the little things on both ends of the floor. Uses solid frame well to create both driving lanes and space for his smooth jumper. Has a balance of dog mentality with great sportsmanship.

Trey Chemin / UH Elite / Class of 2025 / 6'6 Wing

Nice-framed wing who is dangerous out of the triple threat. Scores with floaters and physical layups over bigs. Disciplined on defense as he stays solid and vertical while being attacked. Stood out in every game despite having a talented team.

Zaire Richardson / UH Elite /Class of 2025 / 6'3 PG

A pass first PG who can score when aggressive. Shows fierce competitiveness by guarding the ball relentlessly and playing every minute with great energy. Fulfills his playmaking role well as he creates for his teammates in a variety of ways. During a run by the opposing team, Richardson showcased high IQ by calling a timeout.

Aeramiah Binford / UH Elite / Class of 2024 / 6'6 Forward

Hyper athletic forward whose skill set is used to create havoc at different spots. Doesn’t allow any clean looks around the paint. Covers plenty of floor in the mid court during press situations. Finishes above the rim and with authority. Runs the floor extremely well and finishes lobs in transition. Energetic teammate with intensity.

Jase Benjamin / UH Elite / Class of 2027 / 6'1 Wing

A battling wing that uses his size well. Explosive leaping ability who is crafty in the air. Strong body and good handles make him versatile as a perimeter threat and as a rebounding hawk.

Tori Street / UH Elite / Class of 2027 / 6'0 PG

This athletic PG is difficult to stay in front of. Mentally focused as he locks down on defense. Maneuvers past defenders with shifty moves for explosive finishes.

Chazz Dubois / Selby Elite / Class of 2025 / 6'5 Forward

Forward with tireless post presence. Boxes out and beats his man down the floor. Works every block and has great vision and poise from the high-post. Can pop out on the perimeter and handle the ball.

Damond Matthews / Selby Elite / Class of 2025 / 6'4 Point-Forward

Forward that can control the basketball. Closes space quickly in help defense and has disruptive hands. Defends the post and can initiate his offense. Scores inside with strength and can knock down a three. He's a versatile athlete that leaves a big footprint on the action.

Jack Pederson / Nuggets Black / Class of 2026 / 6'8 Forward

Physical forward with a big body that allows him to out-muscle defenders for easy post finishes and protect the paint on the other end. Shows his feel for the game by knowing when to seal defenders and making high level reads out of the post. 

Ayodeji Ayodele / Next Generation Athletics / Class of 2026 / 6'6 Forward

Mobile forward who has a conspicuous presence on both ends of the floor. Willing rebounder and rim protector, finishes from both attacks and putbacks, nice touch in the mid range.

 Ian Wylie / Nuggets Black / Class of 2026 / 6'6 Wing

A scoring 6'6 wing. Slithery finisher with sneaky athleticism and a good handle. Sharp defensive awareness and anticipation as he can turn defense into offense.

Dylan Matlock / N.I.L. Elite / Class of 2027 / 6'3 Forward 

This athletic kid has a burning passion for the game. His high motor helps his team win as he blocks shots and rebounds with tenacity. Energizes the whole team with his hustle.

Mekhi Marlins / Nuggets Black / Class of 2027 / 6'0 Combo Guard

 A pass first combo guard who uses his impressive basketball IQ to hit backdoor cutters for easy buckets. Wreaks havoc guarding the ball. Does not shy away from contact on rim attacks as he finishes at the rim efficiently.


Troynelle Belle / Island Impact White / Class of 2027 / 6'4 Wing

Belle is a slashing wing that showed plenty of untapped potential. Highly adept at leading the fast break with control. Able to finish at top speed, as well as off deceleration, and did so through traffic. Consistent inside scorer who is poised and unaffected by others around the rim. Affected the game with his length on the boards and on defense, but lacked a genuine motor that would have unlocked a true three-dimensional athlete.


Jeremy Mixon / Island Impact White / Class of 2026 / 6'1 Combo Guard

Uses his size well to create scoring opportunities on each level. Displayed a good outside jumper and an ability to slash and be creative at the rim. Strong complimentary ball-handler with good instincts in the open floor. Showed good discipline in on-ball and double-team defense.


Kendall Davis / Manatee Pal Thunder / Class of 2027 / 6'3 Forward

Forward who does a good job cleaning up the defensive boards. Can defend the post or wing and is a vocal leader on that side of the floor. He makes life hard for ball-handlers and runs the floor well the other way. Not flashy, but leaves his fingerprints on the game in a variety of ways. Improved strength when attacking the rim will make him a more complete player.


Elijah Price / Manatee Pal Thunder / Class of 2027 / 6'4 Wing

Lengthy wing defender who alters possessions with his wingspan and quick hands. Quick feet allows him to defend the perimeter and shows good shot contest discipline under the basket. Long strides keep him involved in breaks going both ways. Athletic enough to maneuver around defenders after he leaves his feet.

Jacob Salas / Lockhart Warriors / Class of 2025 / 6’5 Post

Has a magnet for the basketball on the boards. Cleans up misses and converts easy second chance points. Consistent in his box outs. Shows potential as a scorer and a rim protector, but court fluidity is a growth area. 

Damon Miles / Miles Select / Class of 2027 / 6'3 Wing

Energetic scoring guard that can drive and finish or knock down a three off the pass or dribble with an advanced jumper. Always searching for weak spots and gaps in the defense he can attack. Dangerous shot maker when hot. Off-ball defense is an improvement area, has a tendency to lose his man and get beat back door. 

Abdiel Jimenez / Miles Select / Class of 2026 / 6'0 Combo Guard

Jimenez has a good burst and understanding of attack angles. Loves getting to the rim and finishes with soft touch through contact. Plays under control and rarely makes mistakes. Knows when to make a strong get-ahead pass. Has a developed mid-range. Reads passing lanes well, though defensive consistency is an improvement area.

Alex Aldaz / MMB Elite / Class of 2026 / 6'0 Forward

Athletic forward who aggressively looks to score in the paint in a variety of ways. Hunts for second chance points, searches for baskets out of the pick-and-roll and runs the floor on fast breaks. Likes to face up and has a spin move he uses to create space. Does all this despite giving up size in most matchups. Slight frame and good lateral movement make him a multi-positional defender.

Ronald Sauls / Austin Aces / Class of 2024 / 6'3 Wing

Scoring wing who plays with a lot of passion and grit. Vocal leader for his team. Plays relentlessly as he never lets off the gas. Can finish through traffic and uses length well on defense.

Trenton Calvert / Austin Aces / Class of 2026 / 6'1 Forward

Disciplined defender that makes ball-handlers uncomfortable with quick feet and long arms. Multi-faceted scorer who can hit a three, make a contested shot from the post and get by defenders with a good feel for his handles. Trusted to initiate a break and runs the floor with control.

Dorian Augusta / Austin Aces / Class of 2026 / 6'4 Forward

 A forward who brings tenacity on defense by disrupting rim attacks with blocks or vertical contests. Crashes the boards with energy. Powers through contact to score baskets under the goal.

Jammir Major / Johnson Elite / Class of 2025 / 6'0 Point Guard

Scoring guard who is crafty with his handles and finishes. Glides through defensive crowds with lightning twitch and explosiveness. Finishes with soft touch at any speed. Mirrors the ball extremely well on defense and fights over screens with ease. Creates his own energy and plays defense with pride.

Truman Thompson / Texas Hurricanes / Class of 2025 / 6'3 Wing 

Thompson is an elite three point shot maker, consistently sinking shots with precision. His keen awareness on offense and his shot mechanics pave the way for him to create space for open looks beyond the arc.

Jesus Carmona / Hotshots Elite NY2LA / Class of 2024 / 6'4 Wing

An athletic wing who takes advantage of every minute he plays on the floor. Displayed that he can thrive in transition as he scored from two consecutive dunks. Able to create for himself with quick first step.

Patrick Doe / Hotshots Elite NY2LA / Class of 2025 / 6'4 Wing

Long, athletic wing who is a highlight waiting to happen. Consistent three-point shooter and a constant threat to rim safety. Unselfish player who finds an open teammate before taking a bad shot.

Christopher Lindo Jr / Louisiana Hoops / Class of 2025 / 6'7 Post

Tall athlete who dominates the airspace around him. He’s a shot blocking big on one end and lurks for put-back opportunities on the other. Has quick hands and enough athleticism to effectively guard the perimeter. Imposing presence that causes mistakes in ball-handlers venturing into his zone of control.

Craig Lovelady Jr / Louisiana Hoops / Class of 2025 / 6'6 Post

Physical post presence on both ends of the floor. Effectively seals off his man with an impressive frame, has good coordination with his back to the basket and has a developing face up game. Disciplined defender who leverages his lower body well.

Wesley Favorite III / Louisiana Hoops / Class of 2025 / 5'6 Point Guard

Floor general guard with shifty handles. Shows an  extremely high level of intelligence. He can operate the offense without the ball in his hands. Very adept at getting himself open by moving across the perimeter into soft spots and cutting into the lane. Does a good job of playing at the tempo he sets. Has an effective jumper with more ceiling to improve.

Christopher Kraninger / Magic Elite / Class of 2028 / 6'1 Forward 

Fundamentally sound forward with a strong frame. His physicality often disrupts the defenders' balance. Noteworthy playmaking ability out of the post. Precise head fakes open up his consistent inside game.


Kamoni Ford / TGA Select Red / Class of 2025 / 6'7 Wing

Lengthy wing who gets to the bucket with ease and scores with a variety of finishes. Exhibited court vision as he led his teammates to high percentage shot attempts. Reliable three point shooter.

Jaydon Norbert / La Broncos / Class of 2025 / 6'3 Wing

Can shoot lights out from deep. His ability to attack closeouts opens up opportunities for open driving lanes and chances at the free throw line.


Reece Wortham / Hayes Hornets / Class of 2026 / 6'0 PG

Wortham can play on and off the ball. Strong with the rock as he is unfazed by bumps and reaches. His explosiveness and consistency at the rim opens up opportunities for both his mid range pull up and deep range jumpers. Plays hard every possession. 

Travis Barber / La Broncos / Class of 2029 /5'8 PG

Barber is the defensive juggernaut to his team as he turns ball handlers over and gets quick fastbreak points. Uses crafty moves to aggressively navigate his way to the paint to score or draw fouls. Floater game keeps the defense guessing. Knows how to draw 2 defenders and kick to shooters.

Scouting by Sean Holmes and Scott Watkins

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