The Krass Brothers are headed to Tarleton State!

The Krass Brothers are headed to Tarleton State!

In this remarkable achievement, two exceptionally talented brothers from Gulfport, Mississippi, have secured their spots at Tarleton State University. Their journey from the Gulf Coast to Division 1 basketball is a testament to their hard work and dedication. Here, you will find Nick and Matt Krass sharing about their inspiring story and the impact they are ready to make as Tarleton State Texans. 

Reflecting on his collegiate journey, Nick Krass delved into the experience of transitioning from different colleges to ultimately landing at Tarleton State. "It's been a long journey. Long process. I'm just ready to be at home and settle down, especially somewhere with my brother. So it's just a great opportunity, and I'm really excited."

Nick shared insights into his challenges when discussing his recovery from injury and return to Division 1 basketball. "This was also a long process, but I enjoyed the journey. I learned a lot, especially not to take anything for granted. It was a blessing in disguise, though. I didn't know where I would go the year after my injury, and I ended up playing college basketball with my brother."

Exploring the unique dynamic of teaming up together at Tarleton, Nick says, "I really appreciate the opportunity Coach Billy Gillispie has given us. Matt and I have always grown up playing together and teaching each other things. Basketball has been our life for as long as we can remember, and now I feel that the work is paying off." His brother Matt joyfully exclaims, "That's unheard of. It's that simple."

Looking ahead to his college experience, Matt shared his excitement about his future. "I'm looking forward to everything. It's a blessing being able to play with my brother. From a personal standpoint, I am excited to go out, compete, and show what I can do at a high level."

When asked about his decision to sign with Tarleton State, Matt emphasized his future coach's pivotal role in influencing his choice. "Coach Billy Gillispie. He is a great coach with a great background. He was the only Division 1 coach to officially offer me. Other D1s were only interested. So I'm staying loyal to that and want to see what this is all about. I believe I can compete at this level."

Speaking on the overwhelming support from his friends, family, and fans, Matt says that he has a "solid foundation of people," and he is "very thankful for that." His support group is essential to him as he says they will "play essential roles in every chapter of [his] life."  

Discussing his endeavors to solidify himself on the collegiate level, Matt asserts that he is "very skilled even compared to college players" and that the main adjustments will be "from the physicality standpoint and playing the game at a higher level." This is not his worry, as he states that he will be "better than fine" once he adjusts.

The older brother, Nick, is not the only sibling who has faced misfortune regarding injuries. Matthew Krass suffered an injury that caused him to miss most of his junior season. He remains optimistic about this tragedy as he says, "That prepared me for the collegiate level and being a professional. Dealing with injuries and adversity. This game is full of highs and lows. There's never going to be just a straight run. It prepared me for all the trials that come with this game. There are great wins and great losses that come with this." 

Keep an eye out for Nick and Matthew Krass as they put in work at Tarleton State this upcoming season.

Story written by Sean Holmes

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