Blessed Basketball Academy High School Summer Camp Media

Camp Media Pricing

Camp Mixtape - $85
Personal mixtape with edits and music!
  • Length: Up to 1min (most suitable for social media platforms)
    Player Highlight Tape - $50
    Raw highlights of player put together into a suitable format to be posted on social media and sent out to college coaches!
    • All highlights included
    Player Gametime Photos - $40
    Capturing the best moments from the camp with professional photos!
    Additional Information:
    *Bookings will be limited
    *All videos are edited and delivered in the order they are paid. The earlier you book, the earlier you reserve a spot on the editing list
    *No film or photos will be edited until the full amount is paid
    *To increase the likelihood of better quality pictures and video, book and pay prior to the event
    *Most turnaround times are from 3-14 days after payment
    *There are no refunds on any work!